Birthplace of the Mother Ganges and the cradle of Indian civilization, the state of Uttarakhand, India, needs medical infrastructure support.  Adopting Uttarakhand, The Hans Foundation established a mission to provide affordable health care to the masses within and surrounding the state. Launching two distinct medical initiatives, The Hans Foundation Eye Care and The Hans Foundation General Hospital, The Hans Foundation Hospitals is moving forward its mission, HEALTH FOR ALL.  




Based on a HUB and SPOKE model, THF EYE CARE is designed to include a tertiary urban eye hospital linked to outlying secondary and primary satellite hospitals, vision centers, and outreach camps. Functioning in this manner, THF EYE CARE can provide affordable eye care to the largest population of visually impaired in and around the state of Uttarakhand, India.


THE HUB.  Located in urban Haridwar, the HUB hospital acts as the anchor of THF EYE CARE.   Launched as a 16-bed secondary eye hospital, it provides examinations, investigations, medicine, spectacles, and surgeries to 5,000 monthly, the majority of which are underprivileged.  Boasting two state of the art operation theatres, this HUB facility posesses some of the best equipment available worldwide. The staff includes three Ophthalmologists, a general physician, and 55 supporting personnel.  Offering multiple subspecialties including cataract, cornea, occuloplasty, squint, and trauma, the staff routinely conducts cataract surgeries, phacoemulsification, glaucoma surgeries, squint, pterygium, trauma, occuloplasty.  In due course, vitreo-retina, neuro ophthalology, and pediatric ophthalmology will also be available.  

A microcosm of what's to come, the THF EYE CARE HUB hospital is expanding into an 80-bed tertiary eye hospital facility on a 4-acre integrated campus, complete with teaching, research, and educational facilities. 


THE SPOKES.  Designed to reach outlying and rural areas, THF EYE CARE SPOKES will protrude concentrically around the Haridwar HUB.  Currently, including a vision center in Premrajpur and ongoing outreach camps, the SPOKES will soon encompass a satellite hospital in Pauri, and more.


Since inception on June 30th, 2014, THF EYE CARE has already provided free or subsidized quality eye care to over 77,885 underprivileged patients. 



THF General Hospital is a compassionate endeavor to bring the rural underprivileged in and around the state of Uttarakhand, India access to affordable quality medical care. Launched in April, 2013 on a 10-acre site in the Pauri district of the Himalayas, it has been providing OPD, pathology, x-ray, and medicine to area residents regardless of religious, cultural, economic, or geographic status. In fact, patients routinely walk tens of km to get help, including several km just to access a road. Since then the campus has transformed into a 150 bed full-fledged integrated multi-specialty facility catering to the Satpuli area's specific medical needs.  Integrated into the beautiful 10-acre campus are - two large hospital wings, a service building which houses kitchen, dining, and laundry , doctors and staff accommodations, a nurses hostel, and residential facilities for visiting doctors and guests. THF General Hospital campus, officially inaugurated in November 2017, will avail emergency/trauma and all major specialties including Surgery, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Pediatrics, ENT, Dermatology, Opthalmology, Dental, and Radiology care.  


Located at the rural doorstep, THF General Hospital has already provided services and medicine to 98,154 underprivileged. Over 5,000 patients visit the OPD monthly. All services are heavily subsidized or even free-of-cost. And just within 2017, patient visits have doubled from the prior year.

shweta rawat
manoj bhargava

Mrs Sweta Rawat

Chairperson, Co-founder


Mrs Sweta Rawat's family along with Manoj Bhargava, founded The Hans Foundation in 2009. She has played a key role in defining the goals and direction of the organization. Since its conception, The Hans Foundation, has funded social initiatives and projects in areas of healthcare, women empowerment, livelihood, disability, and education across India. 


Describing The Hans Foundation's vision, Ms. Rawat explains, "The foundation's aim is to provide equal access to quality facilities for healthcare and education, and to provide a dignified livelihood to all people, regardless of age, gender, caste and religion. From mobile health clinics and hospitals, to drinking water purification at a village level, the foundation has taken a comprehensive approach to healthcare." 


In addition, Ms. Rawat has emphasized the importance of enhancing agriculture in impoverished communities, as it is a key element in both health as well as income generation. The foundation has also supported numerous large projects for education, from mid-days meals to computer training courses to full adoption of schools. Ms. Rawat stresses disability projects as a key part of The Hans Foundation's efforts. Having taken on a highly diversified portfolio of projects, Ms. Rawat has ensured that The Hans Foundation reaches out to all marginalized communities in need of support.


Mrs Sweta Rawat has a B.A. in International Relations from American University in Washington DC and a M.A. in Human Rights and Politics from City University, UK.

THF Hospitals

Manoj Bhargava

Principal Donor, Co-founder


Manoj Bhargava is a philanthropist and entrepreneur, most known as founder and CEO of 5-hour Energy, a 2-ounce energy shot. He signed the Giving Pledge in 2012, and has committed over 90% of his wealth to charitable causes. He frequently visits India to provide his input to building The Hans Foundation's activities.


Apart from his charity work, he has set aside funds to address the world's most pressing issues. His projects include highly efficient water desalination and several health products to revolutionize healthcare worldwide. Many of these products are set to launch in 2015.


Early in his life, Bhargava worked at a variety of jobs including construction labourer, cleaning contractor, accounting clerk, taxi driver, printing press operator and business manager. He started a plastics raw material company in 1990, Prime PVC Inc., which he grew to $20 million in sales and then sold to a private equity firm. After that he started a consumer products company, Living Essentials. In 2004, the company developed the product "5-Hour Energy", which has become a well-known brand in the United States. A member of The Giving Pledge, Bhargava donates 90% of profits to charity.


Bhargava attended high school at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA, graduating in 1972 before attending Princeton University. He dropped out after completing one year. After that he dedicated many years to a spiritual education in India and the United States.


Manish Pathak                      

Managing Director


Mr. Manish Pathak sets the organization's values and overall direction.  He also approves strategies, implements financial control, and reviews organizational results.

His philosophy is simple: If you have everything in life that you could possibly need then having more will not make you any happier.  The only way to become happier is to serve the multitudes of underprivileged who were not as lucky as you.

Mr. Pathak earned a Bachelors in English from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Accounting from the University of Illinois-Chicago, USA, and is an active Certified Public Accounting license holder. His experience in public accounting and internal auditing of for-profit and not-for-profit corporations brings to the organization over a decade of practical business knowledge in this arena.  His experience also includes financial planning & analysis, multi-national retail inventory management, as well as banking and financial management.


Other Team Members


Pankaj Mohan Sharma, AVP - Operations

THF General Hospital, Satpuli


Brig. Dr. H S Minhas, Medical Superintendent

Dr. Ram Singh Rawat, Chief Medical Officer

THF Eye Care 


Dr. Devaprasad Kar, Director - Ophthalmology

Dr. Omprakash Verma, Principal Consultant