26 FEB - 2 MARCH, 2017




The Hans Foundation Eye Care and ISMS-Operation Restore Vision (ORV) of America collaborated in the mission to eliminate needless blindness. A mission to bring some of America’s best surgical eye practices to the doorstep of India’s poor, the results, for patients and professionals alike, were excellent.


For more information about Team ORV, follow the link - http://ismission.org/operation-restore-vision/

Northern India Ophthalmic Conference

The Hans Foundation Eye Care hospital, in collaboration with ISMS-Operation Restore Vision, organized a first of its kind CME in the Uttarakhand region called, “Northern India Ophthalmic Conference.” The objective of the conference was to exchange knowledge about recent developments in the treatment and management of eye surgeries and implementation of new knowledge into clinical practice. Sixty ophthalmologists from Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi attended, learning  to the latest tips and tricks in cornea, retina, glaucoma, occuloplastics and cataract operations. The CME immensely benefitted area surgeons and residents as doctors of international repute shared their best eye care knowledge.


Surgical Session

1 Marathon week. 
10 US & Indian eye specialists. 
31 sophisticated interventions.
100% free surgery beneficiaries recovering well. 

Afternoons during the complex surgical sessions also served as educational sessions as area physicians and residents seated in the room next to the operation theaters watched each surgery on a large screen.  Through microphones they asked the operating physicians questions regarding the latest surgery techniques and tricks.  Cameras and microphones donned the operation theatres where ORV and THF Eye Care physicians performed the surgeries. These physicians answered questions and commentated their procedures for the afternoon ‘class’ seated in the next room.  Many surgeries were audio visually recorded so the knowledge and latest practices continue to live on and benefit North India patients and professionals for years to come.