Thank you Dr. Omar Ozgur of ISMS – Operation Restore Vision for performing a free congenital ptosis repair (droopy eyelid) surgery on our young patient, Jay, the day before his 4th birthday. Jay and his parents were very happy and grateful to you and The Hans Foundation Eye Care for this wonderful birthday gift. 


November, 2014. Last night, a cousin threw a chair at 9-year-old Kamini, seriously injuring her eye. Her father ran from pillar to post, meaning different eye hospitals, for his daughter's treatment.  But, he was shown the door. A kindly neighborhood Ophthalmologist referred Kamini to The Hans Foundation Eye Care. In spite of not being fully equipped for general anesthesia, we took her. Our in-house physician giving IV sedation, we repaired her cornea and aspirated her ruptured lens. Now in the second phase, she will need corneal grafting and IOL implantation. For now, the worst is over.


Kamla lives in a village in Nainital (rough translation: ‘the lake of the goddess of sight).  She had cataracts in both eyes. Navigating 224 km of Himalayan terrain, her grandson brought her to us in Haridwar, hoping she could undergo cataract eye surgery. Our ophthalmologists performed free physical exams and surgeries. Now Kamla can see. Thank God for small mercies.


Mariam, a bride to be, lost her right eye to corneal ulcer in childhood. This week The Hans Foundation  Eye Care doctors operated on her free of cost, putting in place an artificial ocular prosthesis. Although she cannot see with that eye, when others see her, she will appear even more beautiful than she already is.

Patient Journal
patient Journal

Her name means "possesses beauty"; although she may not exemplify the physical kind, she has much inner beauty. Married at 10, her three children died in infancy. Step mother-in-law fed her food laced with mercury, causing a toxic reaction inside her body causing stumping of her hand and leg. She also had scarring of eye lids and exposed cornea. In the long run, she may have corneal ulcers and loss of remaining vision. She has a small shop catering to pilgrims from which she makes meager earnings. Her husband and step mother-in-law died over 5 year ago. She supports her only son's education through governmental help. The Hans Foundation Eye Care operated on her, due to which she can now close her eyelids. Now, the cornea is not exposed. The worst is over. She will need more surgeries which The Hans Foundation Eye Care will provide freely.



March, 2015. 65-year old Jay Singh has nowhere to go. To make a living, he begs for food. Facial palsy rendered his left eye open to infection and trauma. Plastic surgery at The Hans Foundation Eye Care corrected Mr. Singh's damaged lower lid. Now he can close his left eye, and it is safe from the elements. With this happy story comes the sadness of knowing that Mr. Singh has no place to call home, and must go back to begging for food once again.


Patient Journal

May, 2015. Sonu is a 13 year old child. He was born with cataracts in both eyes. Due to low vision problem, Sonu faced many issues during his growing years. One of them: he had no friends, which made him an introvert. Due to negligence of treatment, his condition deteriorated day by day. The Hans Foundation Eye Care doctors are operating on Sonu. The doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

Patient Journals

Due to blinding trachoma, a form of chronic conjunctivitis, Mohar’s eyelids had turned inwards. The resulting eyelash-on-cornea 'windshield wiper effect' caused Mohar corneal scarring and partial to full blindness. To relieve Mohar of the windshield wiper effect, The Hans Foundation Eye Care ophthalmologists performed free surgery on both eyes. Next, to heal his vision, the ophthalmologists look forward to performing corneal grafting, thankfully free of charge.

Patient Journals

December, 2014. Savitri, a one eyed patient, was blinded with cataract. Her disability, compounded with needless blindness, struck Ophthalmologist Dr. RP hard. At our Haridwar The Hans Foundation Eye Care, the Dr. performed free surgery on Savitri’s cataract. Once again, Savitri can see. The Hans Foundation Hospitals team was gratified to serve.

Patient Journals

January, 2015. Baba Bhagat Singh, a cataract blind patient was operated at The Hans Foundation Eye Care. Now that he can see again, he does not stumble and fall. He can once again read scriptures and perform daily chores. After a few weeks, his other eye will undergo surgery.

Patient Journals

As the name suggests, the condition is harmless but nonetheless quite debilitating. Due to involuntary spasms of the lid and facial muscles, the patient is unable to open his eyes. For temporary relief, some surgeons use Botox, which is at best unreliable and expensive. 
The patient below came from Hanslok Ashram, Himachal Pradesh and insisted for a radical cure. We don't turn away patients here, especially of Mata Ji's reference. We operated on his left eye and the result showed in the first post operative day. What a gratifying result!

Patient Journals

Preeti Bhatia, is a teacher in primary school. The Hans Foundation‬ Eye Care operated on her cataract. Afterwards, she stated “ I have no words to express how good I’m feeling here. The doctors and the staff are so helpful. They make me feel as if this is my home. Thank you for everything.”

Patient Journals

Rajiv, his wife and their three children arrived in Haridwar four months ago in search of a better life from a village near Baraelly, four hundred miles away.

He landed a job in a factory making motorcycle spare parts on a daily wage of an unbelievable Rupees 300/day which works out to just over USD $4/day.

The day after Christmas, Rajiv's 7-year-old son hurt his right eye badly. Examination revealed that to save sight, the eye would require surgical intervention. This would mean quite a large sum of money, including an Anesthetist’s fee. 

Rajiv wanted to go home, try to borrow money for the treatment before he committed to his son’s surgery. When we asked Rajiv how much money he had so that we may be able to give a discount, he replied he had none.

Refusing treatment to a poor little boy because the father could not afford it would amount to sacrilege, so we offered the surgery free of charge. The boy's eye was saved at THF Eye Care hospital. The parents are ever so grateful.

When we asked Rajiv why they had come so far for so little, he replied there was nothing for them in the village, especially after his mother, who had been a nurse, died. When we asked him what he had been doing all these years, he replied, he was working as an optician's assistant. We have been looking for a second optical dispenser in our growing practice so we have called him tomorrow to come with his certificates for an interview. In this season of miracles, the chances are he may just get the job!