A staggering 285 million people worldwide, 63 million in India, are blind or visually impaired.  But, access to quality eye care could help 80 percent.  To reach the visually impaired in and around Uttarakhand, we have launched THE HANS FOUNDATION EYE CARE.  





Based on a HUB and SPOKE model, THF EYE CARE is designed to include a tertiary urban eye hospital linked to outlying secondary and primary satellite hospitals, vision centers, and outreach camps. Functioning in this manner, THF EYE CARE can provide affordable eye care to the largest population of visually impaired in and around the state of Uttarakhand, India.


THE HUB.  Located in urban Haridwar, the HUB hospital acts as the anchor of THF EYE CARE.   Launched as a 16-bed secondary eye hospital, it provides examinations, investigations, medicine, spectacles, and surgeries to 5,000 monthly, the majority of which are underprivileged.  Boasting two state of the art operation theatres, this HUB facility posesses some of the best equipment available worldwide. The staff includes three Ophthalmologists, a general physician, and 55 supporting personnel.  Offering multiple subspecialites includIng cataract, cornea, occuloplasty, squint, and trauma, the staff routinely conducts cataract surgeries, phacoemulsification, glaucoma surgeries, squint, pterygium, trauma, occuloplasty.  In due course, vitreo-retina, neuro ophthalology, and pediatric ophthalmology will also be available.  


A microcosm of what's to come, the THF EYE CARE HUB hospital is expanding into an 80-bed tertiary eye hospital facility on a 4-acre integrated campus, complete with teaching, research, educational, and manufacturing facilities. 


THE SPOKES.  Designed to reach outlying and rural areas, THF EYE CARE SPOKES will protrude concentrically around the Haridwar HUB.  Currently including a vision center in Premrajpur and ongoing outreach camps, the SPOKES will soon encompass a satellite hospital in Pauri, and more.


Since inception on June 30th, 2014, THF EYE CARE has already provided free or subsidized quality eye care to over 70,000 underprivileged patients.

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