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Inventing for Good Health

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Meeting basic needs is the most effective and efficient way to prevent disease and enable wellness.


The conventional approach to healthcare is inadequate because it tends to focus on treating people who are already sick. A more effective approach would be to focus on keeping people from getting sick in the first place. That requires an understanding of both the root causes of disease and the fundamental sources of wellness.  

When people lack basic needs like clean water, electricity, and nutritious food, the result is poor health. Poor health hinders the ability to work, earn a living, care for a family, get an education, and experience good quality of life. Further, treatment costs for certain health conditions can be financially crushing. When an entire region lacks basic needs, the result is poor healthcare. Poor healthcare means diseases aren’t cured, illnesses aren’t treated, and medical services aren’t effectively performed. The combination of poor health and poor healthcare is lethal. Therefore, ensuring that basic needs are met is one of the most important health initiatives in the world today.

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