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Cataract Treatment

Veera Devi

Sixty seven years old Veera Devi has been suffering from visual impairment due to cataract for 4 years. Her family brought her to one of the THFH medical camps, where she was screened with Cataract in both her eyes by the team of The Hans Foundation Eye Care, Haridwar. She was then referred to the THF base hospital in Satpuli also called The Hans Foundation General Hospital. 


The hospital provided for her conveyance, surgery, medicines, consumables, food and stay, so everything was free of cost for her during the period of her treatment. Her surgery lasted for barely 10 minutes which led to an overnight transformation from darkness to light for her. She visited another camp in her village a week later where she was informed about her 6/6 vision in the eye that was recently operated upon. 


The Cataract in her second eye will be removed soon giving her complete vision after which she can lead a normal life without being dependent on any one. 

Eye Injury

Sampati Devi

Sampati Devi, a 71-year-old woman visited an eye-camp at Bhedgaon in Ekeshwar block of Uttarakhand, organized by the Eye Outreach team of The Hans Foundation General Hospital, Satpuli in 2021. She had lost one eye to an injury over 40 years back. She has never been able to see anything with that right eye, and she had only some peripheral vision in her left eye which she had to live with making her practically blind. 


She was diagnosed with Cataract in the other eye during the check up at the camp. She told the team that she was unable to take care of herself or manage the basic household chores. Her son who was a widower struggled to care for her as he had to go out to earn for the family and also returned late from work. 


She was brought to the hospital for cataract surgery. Initially she didn’t show any signs of fear and seemed to enjoy every aspect of the treatment because she knew it was leading to her having her vision restored. But when she was being taken into the operation theatre, she showed some signs of panic, so the THFH nurses helped in calming her down. Sampati Devi’s dream had always been to regain her sight so that she could live a life of dignity, self-respect and spend the rest of her time happily with her family. 


Sampati Devi regained vision in her eye after the surgery that lasted less than 15 minutes, and today she is living the life that she had always dreamt of.

Eye Squint Surgery


When the General Hospital, Satpuli wasn’t there, we used to go to other hospitals in Dehradun says Jyoti. I have visited most of the hospitals in the region, but since this hospital started, people around this region feel relieved, as they don't have to commute long distances for treatment. People who visit this hospital receive proper treatment. The doctors here have assured me that my eye squint will be cured in some time. The doctors advised me to come here after my board exams and get myself treated for free. 

Hill Accident Injury

Baghwan Singh

Bhagwan Singh was commuting with his family, when his car skid due to snow on the road and fell into the valley. The entire family had a miraculous escape from the accident and suffered only minor injuries. The whole family was treated at the Hans Foundation Hospitals. 

Accident Injury


Her cousin threw a chair at 9-year-old Kamini injuring her eye. Her father ran from pillar to post visiting different eye hospitals for his daughter's treatment. But he was shown the door because he couldn’t afford the treatment. A neighbourhood Ophthalmologist referred Kamini to The Hans Foundation Eye Care. Our in-house physician repaired her cornea and aspirated her ruptured lens. Now in the second phase, she will need corneal grafting and IOL implantation. For now, the worst is over.

Facial Palsy Cure

Jay Singh

Sixty five-year old Jay Singh begs for food to make a living. Facial palsy rendered his left eye open to infection and trauma. Plastic surgery at The Hans Foundation Eye Care corrected his damaged lower lid. Now he can close his left eye, and it is safe from the elements. With this happy story comes the sadness of knowing that Singh has no place to call home, and must go back to begging for food once again.

Cataract Surgery


Kamla lives in a small village in Nainital. She had cataract in both eyes. Her grandson brought her to us in Haridwar after navigating a large part of the Himalayan region, hoping she could undergo cataract eye surgery. Our Ophthalmologists performed free physical exams and surgeries. Kamla can now see and her happiness knows no bounds.

Treatment for Arthritis

Keshar Singh

Keshar Singh is an 80 year-old man full of energy and enthusiasm. He loves to talk about everything under the sun. The only thing that worries him is lack of proper healthcare in the Pauri-Garhwal district. He is suffering from an orthopaedic issue and regularly visits The Hans Foundation Hospital in Satpuli for regular health check-ups. He says that his joints are getting better and he can now climb 4 kms uphill and pays Rs 100 to the local transport facility without any hesitation just to come at the facility. He is happy now and expresses his gratitude to the hospital staff and management for bringing healthcare to the people of his district and improving his own joint problems.


Mohar Singh

A blinding trachoma which is a form of chronic conjunctivitis made Mohar’s eyelids turn inwards. The resulting eyelash-on-cornea also called the 'Windshield Wiper Effect' caused corneal scarring and blindness. To relieve Mohar of the windshield wiper effect, The Hans Foundation Eye Care Ophthalmologists performed free surgery on both his eyes. To heal his vision, the ophthalmologists are planning to perform corneal grafting, completely free of charge.

Artificial Eye


Mariam, a bride to be, lost her right eye to corneal ulcer during her childhood. The doctors at The Hans Foundation Eye Care operated on her eye, free of cost, putting in place an artificial ocular prosthesis (artificial eye). Although she cannot see with that artificial eye but the procedure has helped her in regaining her confidence and self-esteem.  

Cataract Surgery

Baba Bhagat Singh

Baba Bhagat Singh, a cataract blinded patient was operated at The Hans Foundation Eye Care. His vision from one eye has been restored and now that he can see again, he does not stumble and fall anymore and he can once again read the scriptures and perform daily chores. In the coming few weeks, his other eye will also be treated upon that will restore his complete vision.

Glaucoma Treatment

Kashi Ram

Kashiram, a farmer by profession, had cataract and glaucoma in both his eyes. He belongs to a very backward rural region that lacks basic health amenities. A father to 4 children, Kashiram is the only bread earner of his family. He told us how blurred vision impeded his family's source of living and made their condition miserable. After our doctors performed surgeries on his eyes the vision improved remarkably and he his is able to work without any difficulty.

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